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Nishita D. Patel, MD                           Benjamin A. Trapp, MD                  Anne Walker, MD,
Anesthesiology                                 Anesthesiology                         Has Joined
Medical University of South                    Northeastern Ohio                      Starks Pediatrics
Carolina, 2010                                 Universities, 2006
                                                                                        In April, Anne Walker, MD, a long-time member of
Sonya C. D. Randazzo, MD                       Kristen M. Trulear-Jackson, MD         the MCMS and the Child Health Committee, joined
Anesthesiology                                 Anesthesiology                         Starks Pediatrics. In addition to pediatric care, Dr. Walker
Ohio State University, 2012                    Howard University, 2010                offers International Adoption consultations to include
                                                                                      pre-adoption planning, including risk assessment for
John L. Reynolds, MD                           Lauren N. Welsh, MD                    specialneedschildren,analysisof foreignmedical
Anesthesiology                                 Anesthesiology                         records, and care and referrals when children come
University Autonoma                            East Carolina University, 2009         home to their families. She is accepting patients
Guadalajara, 1980                                                                     just born through college age at 2315 W. Arbors Drive,
                                               Jonathan E. Wilson, MD                 suite 115 in Charlotte. For more information or to
Joseph F. Rivers, MD                           Anesthesiology                         schedule an appointment, call 704-717-2826.
Anesthesiology                                 University of Arizona, 2008
Medical College of Georgia, 2008                                                      Upcoming Meetings
                                  Southeast Pain and Spine Care                       & Events
Kenneth J. Sauve, MD
Anesthesiology                    927 East Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203 n 704-377-5772  JUNE
Wake Forest University, 2008
                                               Charles R. Clover, MD                  Meetings are at the MCMS office unless otherwise noted.
Rachel M. Sloan, MD                            Pain Medicine
Anesthesiology                                 University of North                    n Tuesday, June 12
University of Kentucky, 2011                   Carolina, 2010                           MedLink meeting
                                                                                        Community Care Partners of Greater
Anna Greta B. Taylor, MD                       Kevin F. Costello, MD                      Mecklenburg
Anesthesiology                                 Pain Medicine                            4701 Hedgemore Drive, Charlotte
Medical University of South                    Eastern Virginia Medical                 8:30 a.m.
Carolina, 2005                                 School, 2009
                                                                                      n Monday, June 18
Daniel M. Thailer, MD                                                                   Executive Committee meeting
Anesthesiology                                                                          5:45 p.m.
University of Medicine and
Dentistry of New Jersey, 1991                                                         n Thursday, June 21
                                                                                        CAMGMA Social
Ilka D. Theruvath, MD                                                                   Time and location to be determined
Medical Upper School of                      Jon-David Hoppenfeld, MD                 SWMaaftooaenmmtrdndheidiesceomnpBawpSMolbupcPoenSecooechsrIhowncriyfosecaktseshtryuinliyelisedionccapthneuoaiyin/atirbmrtpni,nhuep7peeesosararxw0gpstrSa(e4hpAtCcsecmo-net3ecunorieetv7outcntirmiepeu6onuvirpnnn-tbeai3aosygiellm6tdrrMliMwmit8oeerusos8ieeeeeotn,kecd.tehciciittTtitinnicaoiyaynhnggarllolges,sgtlu,o),.
Hannover, 2000
                                      SeekingPain Medicine
Lan Chi B. Tran, MD
Anesthesiology                               Rosalind Franklin
University of North
Carolina, 2009                        Sponsors:University, 2003

                                             Raza A. Khan, MD
                                             Pain Medicine
                                             Spartan Health Sciences
                                             University, 2007

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