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Trust your
 patients’ faces
 to the experts.

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SERO offers biocompatible gel that decreases the
side effects of radiation treatment for prostate cancer

SERO is proud to offer the SpaceOAR® system to minimize side effects of
prostate cancer treatment and improve patients’ overall quality of life.
SpaceOAR is a biocompatible gel that is placed between the rectum and
prostate. The gel decreases exposure to radiation by as much as 24 percent and
is naturally absorbed into the body after 6 months.
The SpaceOAR system helps protect patients from both short-term and
long-term side effects and improves comfort during and after treatment.
Unlike previous balloon implants, SpaceOAR is a one-time application, which
eliminates the need for repeat visits.

 Visit today to learn how SpaceOAR can help improve quality of life for your patients.

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