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  The sixth Annual MedLink Forum, sponsored by the Mecklenburg County
Medical Society, was held April 10 at Project 658. The event focused on how
to bridge the gap between social services and health services to improve health
outcomes and impact social determinants of health. Speakers and topics were Erine
Gray with Aunt Bertha speaking on “An Outsider’s Approach to Reducing the Cost
of Healthcare in the U.S.;” Julieanne Taylor with the Charlotte Center for Legal
Advocacy, speaking on “State of Access to Care;” and Alisahah Cole, MD, with
Atrium Health, speaking on “Enhancing the Health of Our Communities.” The
free, all-day forum was well-attended.

  MedLink advocates for improved access to care in Mecklenburg County through
education, communication and collaboration among service providers and they
envision a community in which all residents have access to collaborative health care.
MedLink partners include representatives from local health safety net providers, who
support the delivery of healthcare services. MedLink is leading efforts to address
Access to Care, which was identified as a top health priority in the most recent
Community Health Assessment conducted by the Mecklenburg County Health
Department. Visit

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