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Robbins reminds us that we all need connection to the people around us.        Save the Date!

The medical profession provides abundant opportunities for connection          ANNUAL MEETING
                                                                                         Thursday, March 7 n 6 p.m.
and meaningful human interaction.                                                           Myers Park Country Club

Growth, learning and expanding both personally and professionally, is a                   Speaker:

vital human need espoused within Robbins’ work. Additionally, we want to                          Award-winning
                                                                                              and best-selling author
feel we are contributing something of value to those around us and to the
                                                                                        John M. Barry
Engaging in significant            greater community. As physicians,
and meaningful work                we have spent much of our lives              Register online at or call 704-376-3688.
                                   setting goals and achieving
                                   them. Admission to medical                  Save the Date!

that makes a difference            school, success in residency and            Mee&t GreetWomen Physicians Section
                                   developing our practices, were
                                                                                 Tuesday, April 2
ultimately is a key driver         goals we set for ourselves that
                                   required both significant learning

for us as humans and               and growth. Medicine as a
                                   profession demands growth, and
has one of the greatest
impacts on our sense               we have met that demand. But,
of satisfaction.                   let’s not forget, in spite of all the
                                   goals we have achieved, we must
                                   continue to set our sights ahead on
                                   new horizons. It can be frustrating

                                   when benchmarks, such as MOC,

                                   CME and metrics set by others,

seem to overshadow our own intentions; yet we should take care not to let

goals set by others dissuade us from continuing to set priorities of our own.

Our success in this profession is founded on our desire to connect, grow,

learn and contribute. Continuing to develop our own plan toward improving

ourselves and the outcomes for our patients is of paramount importance to

our happiness as human beings and as physicians.

Lastly, the final “core human need” outlined in this theory, and I would

argue for many of us the most important, is the sense of contribution to our

world. A career in medicine offers endless opportunities to realize this,

whether it be in research and innovation, individual patient encounters,

public health advocacy, or teaching. Engaging in significant and meaningful

work that makes a difference ultimately is a key driver for us as humans

and has one of the greatest impacts on our sense of satisfaction.

In medicine, we have chosen a path which has the potential to fulfill all

of these fundamental needs in myriad ways. In this new year, let’s focus

not only on how our profession allows us to improve the quality, and often

the quantity, of life for those around us, but also how fortunate we are to

practice a profession with the potential to truly fulfill ourselves, as well.

  Link to Tony Robbins TED Talks:

Respectfully yours,

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                                                                               2400 Park Road

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