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River Jam Fiesta - MCMS Membership Event at the U.S. National Whitewater Center, Sponsored by Spaugh Dameron Tenny, May 2014

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Knights Baseball Game - MCMS Membership Event at the BB&T Baseball Stadium, Sponsored by Tucker Boynton Financial Group, August 2014

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MCMS Celebrating Change (Annual Meeting)
2012 membership meeting at the Ritz-Carlton with speaker Wayne Sotile, PhD.

David G. Welton, MD, Society Luncheon

Women Physicians Section

October 2012 "Fighting for Women With Fashion", held at the Foundation for the Carolinas with a fashion presentation by Dillard's.

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June 2012 – “Spring into Summer” book-signing event with speaker Mark Ethridge, author of “Grievances” and “Fallout.” 

October 2011 – “Fighting for Women with Fashion” event co-hosted by the Charlotte Women’s Bar Association to benefit the capital campaign of the new Domestic Violence Shelter, held at the Bechtler Museum with a fashion presentation by Nordstrom.   


Charlotte Pediatric Society
March 2012 – “House Call Ball” event to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte.

2012 MedLink Conference